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few words...

2008-07-20 01:44:27 by DonWej

Ya know, I feel that I should say a few things about myself.

So here is my outlet for music. I feel that every once in a while, some one comes along and hears something that changes the way they think. It happened to me and I always wanted to make others feel something like that. I want to help others rethink situations and improve their lives just because of a few notes and rhythm. Learning music theory for a few years sort of ruined the magic for me. It is just how being a doctor ruins the magic of seeing a beautiful woman. Instead of rosey cheeks, he sees surfaced blood vessels and what not. But the feeling of knowing that there is potential for you to change a life with a skill makes it all worth while. Sometimes I even touch my own heart with some of the things I come up with.

It's a world that I create, and can allow others to venture into. For those few minutes, nothing else matters. Nothing will change what is flowing into your head. The only thing that can stop the feeling is yourself.

And that's the only choice I leave up to you.

few words...