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I enjoyed it.

Watched the whole thing. I enjoyed the...familiar animation style, hahaha. Glad I'm not the only one who likes Eddsworld.

Did you get a good grade on the project?

Also, thanks for throwing in my ending mix!

Well done.

Non-Skiid responds:

Heh, small world isn't it? Or maybe Edd's popularity skyrocketed since his many front pages on Newgrounds?

Anyway, thanks, I'm happy that there are people that would still enjoy a "historical" animation, if that's what you'd like to call it. Yeah, me and my friends got awesome grades from being original.

And I'm happy that I was able to find such an awesome mix for the credits sequence!

Thanks for the review!

Good but...

It's the little things that I notice.

After his ear got cut off, it switched between his right and left ear starting when he jumped through the wall and from then onward it would switch a couple more times.


5/5 for the hard work. Other than the ear, I did enjoy it.

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Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery.

I love this animation style. Rip off or not, you made it happen and I enjoyed it.
I especially liked the voiced sound effects.

It was well done.

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Very Deep.

It is clear that most of the other reviews are by 12 year-olds that don't understand what this game is saying... Or maybe just fools.

This was a very deep idea and I like how you brought it out. The mood was created well.

I am not the biggest fan of 'flixel' style, but I saw through all that for the message. This game is a work of art and I appreciate what you did here.


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Very Nice!

This has to be the best scene creator that I have seen, with my song on it or not, hahaha.

I love the organization and quality. It is obvious that you work hard on your projects.


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Seemed alright to me.

Yeah a tad low quality in the animation, but then you made your skills clear in the comments.

As for the haters that for some reason had to waste time with bad reviews, screw em.

Everyone has to start somewhere. The animation is better than what I could do, so I say it's not bad.

Keep practicing.


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That's a swingin' beat you got going on here. I like it.

I can see this being a good intro to a movie.

Voted 5.

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Still Awesome!

The 2:12 drop still kicks ass.

You haz another 5/5.

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Parkerman1700 responds:

Thanks for another 5/5!


I likes me some hardstyle/jumpstyle.
I also enjoy the piano.

Awesome. This is the first version Ive heard.

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Envy responds:

Ooooh a newbie :D Thanks for the review!

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